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Baby Natalie

I love when my clients are friends I haven’t seen in a long time. It gives us the opportunity to catch up on what’s new (besides having a baby) and ‘complain’ how time has slipped by since the last time we’ve seen each other. I’m excited to say this post is just one of those instances. I haven’t seen Eileen probably since we graduated high school….and yes, it’s been over a decade (that’s as far as I will reveal, ha). She was one of my first friends when going into middle school – the hardest transition I think I ever had to go through…haha. She made me feel less afraid and adapt to change. Though time, classes, and life had gotten in between, I don’t think I would ever forget her kindness and big heart.

Eileen, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Natalie is beautiful and beyond precious. So. Much. Hair. <3 it!

Happy Holidays

Yes, I know, the holidays have come and gone, and unfortunately, with all the hussle and bussle, I barely had a chance to download my own kids’ holiday photos from my memory card and work on a couple to share. I know, bad of me. HOWEVER, after being able to just sit down and enjoy these pictures…it was worth the wait.

Aren’t they the cutest?:)

Happy New Year


Happy New Year everyone! To start things right, I had the motivation to give Pasheoni Photography a much needed facelift, why not right? I find this much easier than my New Years resolution of eating healthy and losing weight! 😉 The site is about 90% there…. and I still need to work on revamping my client site. Nonetheless, I’m excited for the change, and I can’t wait to get the 2013 sessions on the books!

2012 was a great year for sure.

  • Photographed amazing people,
  • Started a 9-5er at an amazing company,
  • And most importantly, welcomed a little nephew to the world!

I’m not one to always say it, but I can honestly say that I am blessed. I can’t thank everyone who has been there for me enough for getting me and Pasheoni Photography through another crazy year. Here’s to another fun and exciting year and as the 2012 saying goes… #YOLO 😉


Introducing Baby TJ

Baby Ethan Royce

I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands (and camera) on this little guy right here. I’ve known his mommy for an amazing 25 years (wow, don’t judge)! She and I use to spend our summers in a big green van as our moms and other moms with their kids would shop for orchids. Those were the days! As years went by, we grew older, went to different schools and made different friends. Nonetheless, she still remained the same great friend I’ve known her to be. Her husband, oh this guy. haha. I met in High School. He is one of those guys that has a personality everyone gravitates to. He’s funny, witty and really easy to get along with. The two pair up very well…an epitome of a perfect relationship you might believe. With Ethan in the picture, I truly believe they will be (and are) picture perfect.

At a beautiful 4 weeks, and already creating quite a stir for coming early and unancounced….introducing Ethan Royce. Ryan and Eileen, enjoy your teasers :). xoxo