Author: Tina Ferland

Different types of cameras and why are they important

If you know anything about photography, then you realize that there are several types of cameras and each of them has its purpose. This isn’t reserved for the professional side of this business. Two primary things you will think about while buying a camera is the cost and the returns it will generate. But you must see past these two and look for more from a device that might be the only thing that will bring you profit. Some of the camera types are excellent for beginners, and others cater to professional circles, and you will read about them...

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Matthew – The founder, Artist, and the leader

Matthew is one of the founders of Pasheoni Photography and his knowledge about this industry is supreme.  He became fascinated by photography in his early life, and this led him on a journey that is still going on. He was an amateur and used his cheap compact camera to take photos of anything he could. He was also an enthusiast and earned first real money in photography by being the camera guy at the wedding of his older brother. This made him realize that there is a future in photography for him and that was the beginning of his...

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