Matthew is one of the founders of Pasheoni Photography and his knowledge about this industry is supreme.  He became fascinated by photography in his early life, and this led him on a journey that is still going on.

He was an amateur and used his cheap compact camera to take photos of anything he could. He was also an enthusiast and earned first real money in photography by being the camera guy at the wedding of his older brother. This made him realize that there is a future in photography for him and that was the beginning of his story.

What does Matthew do now?

man1Matthew is the founder of this agency, and thus he doesn’t have to do any work.

He’s not rich, by any means, but all the hard work of starting and growing our agency has paid off. (In case you’re curious, here’s how much pro photographers make).

Matthew still loves photography, and similar to other successful agency owners we’re friends with like Vincent van den Berg, he still works on some events. He is mainly a teacher at the moment as he teaches new employees about photography and what it takes to succeed in the business of photography.

One of the most significant portions of his teaching is the education of new employees about different cameras and which one they should use. He doesn’t speak about types of cameras, but models that people should use. He made several lists in which he compares different devices and explains why one is better than the other and so on.

He compares all types of cameras and comes up with straight answers on which to buy and which to avoid. But this blog is about professional photography, and thus its focus will be on DSLRs. Matthew has extensive knowledge about DSLRs, and it was easy for him to come up with several models worth your time.

DSLR devices a professional photographer like Matthew should use:

The best DSLR camera you will find on the market costs just shy of 4500 dollars, and it called Nikon D850. The price of this model is high, and it is twice more expensive than many models that can deliver the almost same quality of the product as D850. This price isn’t there for nothing as this is the best full-frame device you can get at the moment and it has a 45.4MP lens that is superior to many other products. This isn’t a device for an amateur as it is complicated due to the number of options it offers. You shouldn’t even think about buying one of these if you aren’t working for a top photography agency.

The camera of choice for Matthew, for a long time, was the Nikon D810. You can get one of these for less than 2200 dollars, and it is worth every dollar. IT is a full-frame CMOS, 36.3MP, 5fps continuous shooting device that will do everything you want and more. The major downside of this model is the lack of the built-in Wi-Fi.

Canon EOS 5DS is the best Canon on the market due to the 50.6MP camera and the price of just 2400 dollars. Some people hate changing the brand of their device, and thus this is a D810 for the Canon users. If you want a powerful tool under 2500 dollars, then EOS 5DS is the model you want.