If you know anything about photography, then you realize that there are several types of cameras and each of them has its purpose. This isn’t reserved for the professional side of this business.

Two primary things you will think about while buying a camera is the cost and the returns it will generate. But you must see past these two and look for more from a device that might be the only thing that will bring you profit.

Some of the camera types are excellent for beginners, and others cater to professional circles, and you will read about them in this post.

Compact and bridge cameras and whether you should buy one of them

Beginners in the world of photography should think about purchasing a small camera as their first device. Mid-range compacts are excellent due to their price and the ability to take outstanding pictures. If you decide that photography isn’t for you, then there is a high possibility that you will be able to sell it in a matter of days.

High-end compacts work well for photography enthusiasts aka people that are taking their photography a bit more seriously than your average Joe. They are simple to operate, and the quality of pictures is also quite decent. Some professional photographers use high-end compacts as well as they are great for taking photos on the go. Strolling through nature, or a city and taking pictures as situations arise is a perfect thing for a compact camera.

Bridge cameras fill the gap between compacts and DSLR. They are more affordable than DSLR’s, and you won’t make a mistake in buying one as long as you don’t plan professional photo shoots.

CSC – a camera for everyone

CSC aka compact system camera represents a type of this device that many people prefer. Mid-range CSC’s are great as they offer the quality of the pictures that comes close to DSLR’s while its price isn’t so high.

These are also known as mirrorless cameras, and that might surprise you as some of the best photographers use them along with usual DSLRs. The reason for this is the quality of the high-end CSCs. Some devices transcend DSLRs which is why people use them. Price of those cameras mirrors their quality.

DSLR – A camera for professional photographer

If you plan to find work in a professional photography agency, then you will have to learn how to operate a DSLR camera. Most people are even using DSLRs for YouTube now (here’s a guide to choosing the best camera for YouTube). Some other types of camera come close in picture quality to the DSLR, but it is still the number one choice for professionals.


DSLRs are reliable, and the sheer amount of options allows photographers like me to adjust the device to the elements. This means that poor light or other things won’t disrupt you from taking a perfect photo. It also allows you to take a perfect picture of the said elements that might be just a blur on another device. If you want to work for a company like this, then you will have to use DSLRs as the pictures you make with these tools are supreme to all others.